Custom Compass

Custom Compass


Fabricated from Carbon Steel which is powder-coated to add color, luster & texture as well as to prevent rusting.  Making it great for indoor or outdoor display!  Refer to the Color Guide for color/texture options.  Additionally, this design is mounted to the wall using magnets, meaning no visible screws.  Product is shown with our Black Starlight & Brushed Steel color finishes.  

Customize yours today!!


Mounting materials, along with instructions, will be included.

Available Sizes
Color Finishes
  • Available in the following sizes:

    18" W x 17.7" H at TBD lb

    20" W x 19.6" H at TBD lb

    22" W x 21.6" H at TBD lb

    24" W x 23.5" H at TBD lb

    26" W x 25.5" H at TBD lb

    28" W x 27.5" H at TBD lb

    30" W x 29.4" H at TBD lb

    32" W x 31.4" H at TBD lb

    34" W x 33.4" H at TBD lb

    36" W x 35.3" H at TBD lb

    Powder-Coated Carbon Steel

    Mounting Hardware (Magnets, Anchors & Screws) Included

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