Custom Ambrosia Fleur De Lis

Custom Ambrosia Fleur De Lis


Fabricated from Carbon Steel which is powder-coated to add color, luster & texture as well as to prevent rusting.  Making it great for indoor or outdoor display!  Refer to the Color Guide for color/texture options.  Additionally, this design is mounted to the wall using either Command Strips or Magnets (refer to the Product Information Section below for more info), meaning no visible screws.  Product is shown with our Flat Seafoam Blue color finish.  

Customize yours today!!


Mounting materials, along with instructions, will be included.

  • Available in the following sizes:

    Small - 9.9" x 12" at Approx. TBD lb

    Schmedium - 14.75" x 18" at Approx. TBD lb

    Medium - 19.75" x 24" at Approx. 3.5 lb

    Large - 24.7" x 30" at Approx. TBD lb

    Extra Large - 29.7” x 36” at Approx. TBD lb


    Depth for All - 14 Gauge

    Powder-Coated Carbon Steel


    Mounting Hardware Included

    Command Strips for Small & Schmedium Pieces

    Magnets, Anchors, and Screws for Medium, Large & Extra Large Pieces