Fabricated from Carbon Steel which is powder-coated to add color and texture as well as to prevent

rusting.  Making it great for

indoor or outdoor display! 


Additionally, this design is mounted to the wall using magnets, meaning no visible screws.  Mounting materials, along with instructions, will be included with the shipment.


Product is shown with our

Black Starlight & Brushed Steel finishes.  Refer to the Color Guide for additional

color & texture options.

  • Available in the following sizes:

    18" W x 17.7" H at TBD lb

    20" W x 19.6" H at TBD lb

    22" W x 21.6" H at TBD lb

    24" W x 23.5" H at TBD lb

    26" W x 25.5" H at TBD lb

    28" W x 27.5" H at TBD lb

    30" W x 29.4" H at TBD lb

    32" W x 31.4" H at TBD lb

    34" W x 33.4" H at TBD lb

    36" W x 35.3" H at 6.5 lb


    Depth for All - 14 Gauge


    Powder-Coated Carbon Steel

    Mounting Hardware (Magnets, Anchors & Screws) Included